Every organization craves and strives for excellence. Let us optimize your organizational excellence with NICE. Our experienced software team is well poised to take you to the peak performance expected to be sustained for maintenance of happy customer relationship. NICE is a dynamic software development company with rich expertise in the library world to offer you customized and innovative solutions. We’ll help you bridge the gap between your software products today and where you need to be tomorrow - whether it’s software to software, software to hardware, adaptations, developments, customizations or ‘new from scratch’:

NICE stands for Nirmal Institute of Computer Expertise, a capstonian software house, established in 1990You'll find more information here.

NIRMALS: A Profile

Libraries and information service providers continue to deal with far-reaching changes while addressing growing demands for improved service standards and greater efficiency. Drawing on NICE's extensive experience of delivering library management solutions around the country, NIRMALS helps libraries to deliver modern responsive services, easier access and improved efficiency. As one of the leading library management systems suppliers, NICE has a strong track record of delivering library automation solutions over 15 years and provides library solutions to more than 350 libraries all over India.

A leader in library managed services, NICE combines consulting, software and infrastructure services to help libraries respond to their key requirements .

Unique Features

NIRMALS – Network Information Resources Management of Academic Library System is a functionally rich, web-centric application built around open systems concepts. As well as automating traditional library functions such as circulation, cataloguing, public access, acquisitions, and serials control, NIRMALS includes facilities for inter-library loans, selection, stock rotation, newspaper indexes, homebound borrowers, archives, self-service and data loading. In addition to managing bibliographic data, NIRMALS caters for multimedia collections, community information, historical archives and artefacts, and abstracts or full text management.

State-of-the-art technology: A high performance library management system, with modern capabilities built from long experience, NICE provides an end-to-end solution that is easy to deploy, manage and use.

Innovation: NICE’s culture of ongoing innovation ensures that NICE remains at the forefront of library services, extending far beyond the scope of traditional library management systems. Customers can focus around a complete set of capabilities that equal the very best today and in the future, delivered by a “single source” provider, whether for affordable Self Service solutions, electronic payments, resource bookings, collection development or RFID solutions.


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